Giuseppe Coschignano









Scolarship holder

Via della Madonna Alta, 126
Perugia I-06128


Office Phone: +39 0755014-403


Giuseppe Coschignano was born in 1987 in Cosenza (CS).  He obtained the Master Degree in Environmental Engineering from University of Calabria in July of 2012, discussing the following thesis: “Hydraulic risk given by culverts: the case of Calamo stream”.

In September 2012, he was selected for a 2nd level university master degree named ESPRI (Expert in Prediction and Prevention of Geo-Hydrological Risk – PON_01_01503/F1), a two years-long study course (with scholarship) that took place at University of Calabria. In this period, he served an internship at DINCI (Department of Civil Engineering and, afterwards, at Autostrade per l’Italia), where he was involved in solving some geo-hydrological issues occurred in the highway network managed by this society.

In October 2014 he was admitted to the 30th PhD Course Cycle in Civil and Industrial Engineering at University of Calabria, but he dropped to focus on professional career.

After several professional experience, in January of 2016 he received a scholarship promoted by CNR-ISAFoM, Rende (CS), within the training course named “Expert in planning and management of the forestry chain(PON_03_00024_1), an intensive course based on the role of the forest in hydrological cycle, climate change, and risk mitigation. During this course, in October of 2016, he started to collaborate with CNR-IRPI, Rende (CS), where he was co-author of the following internal report: ”Evaluation of peak discharge for different return time: Costa Viola and Locride catchments”.

In January of 2017 he received a scholarship promoted by CNR-IRPI, Perugia, for research in hydraulic and hydrological context.

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