Special Issue on Remote Sensing – Remote Sensing for Flood Mapping and Monitoring of Flood Dynamics

This Special Issue aims to collect studies and experiences aimed at aiding and advancing flood monitoring and mapping through remotely sensed data.
The list below provides a general (but not exhaustive) overview of the topics that are solicited for this Special Issue:

– Remote sensing data for flood hazard and risk mapping;
– Remote sensing techniques to monitor flood dynamics;
– The use of remotely sensed data for the calibration, or validation, of hydrological or hydraulic models;
– Data assimilation (DA) of remotely sensed data into hydrological and hydraulic models;
– Improvement of river discretization and monitoring by means of satellite based observations;
– River flows estimation by means of remote sensed observations.
– River and flood dynamics estimation from satellite (especially time lag, flow velocity, etc.)


Dr. Alessio Domeneghetti
Dr. Guy J.-P. Schumann
Dr. Angelica Tarpanelli
Guest Editors



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