Visiting PhD students at IRPI Hydrology Group

Iranian and German PhD students are visiting our group in the first 6 months of 2017.

Ehsan Jalilvand, from Sharif University of Technology (Iran), is working on the potential of in situ and satellite soil moisture data to estimate the drainage rate, you can find the abstract to be presented at next EGU conference here. Ehsan is also working, in collaboration with Ms Mahya Hashemi, on the estimation of irrigation from satellite soil moisture data, and generally on improving the SM2RAIN algorithm.


Raphael Schneider, from Technical University of Denmark (Denmark), is using CRYOSAT observations for improving hydrological and hydraulic modelling. Raphael collected the data over the Po river basin and is working on the accuracy assessment of CRYOSAT data for water level estimation along the whole river from Cremona to the sea.

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