MISDc Rainfall-Runoff Model

The continuous rainfall-runoff model named MISDc (“Modello Idrologico SemiDistribuito in continuo”) for flood prediction and forecasting is freely available. The code is written in the MATLABĀ® programming language and is fully commented; an executable version of the model is also available contacting Luca Brocca. The description of the model structure and of its performance can be found in Brocca et al. (2010) and Brocca et al. (2011). Additionally, a fully continuous and lumped version of the MISDc model, called MILc (“Modello Idrologico Lumped in continuo”) was made freely available here. The references for the model description and application are Brocca et al. (2011) and Brocca et al. (2013).

download MISDc download MILc

Contact: luca.brocca@irpi.cnr.it

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