SM2RAIN data sets

We delivered several rainfall products obtained from satellite soil moisture data through the SM2RAIN algorithm (Brocca et al., 2014). The first rainfall datasets have daily temporal resolution, 1-degree spatial resolution and are available for the period 2007-2012 (Brocca et al., 2014).
A NEW IMPROVED GLOBAL SCALE RAINFALL PRODUCT at 0.5 degree/daily spatial-temporal resolution has been delivered (period from January 2007 to June 2015, 8.5 years, Brocca et al., 2017). Additional datasets with finer spatial resolution (0.25°, 12.5 km) are also available in Europe and in Italy for the period 2007-2015. All datasets are freely available and can be downloaded by clicking on the botton(s) below.

Additional products will be available soon covering a longer time period and exploiting new satellite soil moisture products by SMOS, SMAP, ESA CCI, and others…

download SM2RAIN-ASCAT 2007-2015 0.5° global

download SM2RAIN-ASCAT 2007-2015 0.25° Europe download SM2RAIN-ASCAT 2007-2015 12.5 km Italy


Older dataset (not suggested):

download SM2RAIN-ASCAT 2007-2012 1° global download SM2RAIN-SMOS 2007-2012 1° global download SM2RAIN-AMSRE 2007-2012 1° global


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