SM2RAIN data sets

We delivered several rainfall products obtained from satellite soil moisture data through the SM2RAIN algorithm (Brocca et al., 2014). The more recent datasets have improved spatial-temporal resolution, all datasets are freely available and can be downloaded by clicking on the link(s) below.

We have published 3 SM2RAIN-based global rainfall dataset on Zenodo (FREELY available)

Time coverage: 2007-August 2019. Spatial\temporal resolution: 12.5 km\1-day.

Time coverage: 2015-2018. Spatial\temporal resolution: 0.25-degree\1-day.

Time coverage: 1998-2015. Spatial\temporal resolution: 0.25-degree\1-day.

If you have questions, just send us an email (!

We would like to know explicitly the users of our datasets for further improving their quality and usage.

Two  GLOBAL SCALE RAINFALL PRODUCTS obtained through ASCAT and ESA CCI soil moisture products are also available:

  • SM2RAIN-ASCAT: 0.5 degree/1-day spatial-temporal resolution available from January 2007 to June 2015, 8.5 years (Brocca et al., 2017) Click here for the direct download of the dataset

  • SM2RAIN-CCI: 0.25 degree/1-day spatial-temporal resolution, available from January 1998 to December 2015, 18 years (Ciabatta et al., 2018) Click here for the direct download of the dataset

We also delivered two regional datasets obtained from ASCAT:


Additional products will be available soon covering a longer time period and exploiting new satellite soil moisture products by SMOS, SMAP, Sentinel-1, and others (e.g., Koster et al., 2016Román-Cascón et al., 2017Tarpanelli et al., 2017, SM2RAIN-SCATSAR).




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