Debi Prasad Sahoo, PhD


Grant Holder

Via della Madonna Alta,126
Perugia , Italy – 06128

Research interest

The research activities mainly regard:

  1. Remote sensing-based river discharge monitoring;
  2. Remote sensing-based river water quality monitoring;
  3. Hydrodynamic modelling for flood hazard assessment;
  4. Climate change impact on hydrological studies.


Debi Prasad Sahoo was born in Cuttack, India in 1992. He received Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Agricultural Engineering from Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology in 2014. He completed his Master of Technology (M Tech) degree in Water engineering and management with excellence from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur in 2017. He received Ph.D. from IIT Kharagpur in 2023. The title of his thesis is “Coupled Remote Sensing-Hydrodynamic based Frameworks for High-frequent Streamflow and Suspended Solids Monitoring”.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Recipient of CAFAS Scholarship throughout his B.Tech. sponsored by State Govt. of Odisha, India
  • Secured All India Rank 53 in Graduate Aptitude Test in Agricultural Engineering
  • MHRD fellowship for M. Tech. in IIT Kharagpur
  • DST Fellowship for JRF position in IIT Kharagpur
  • MHRD fellowship for Ph.D. in IIT Kharagpur

Projects Associated

As Junior Research Fellow in “Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality in the Lower Ganga River at Daily Time-Scale Using Remote Sensing Observations” sponsored by Department of Science and Technology (DST) under Project Sanction No. DST/TM/WTI/2K16/10(G), undertaken in School of Water Resources of IIT Kharagpur.

Academic and Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Assistant in Geo Informatics Laboratory (Post Graduate Course), for six semesters both in offline and online mode of teaching Course Instructor: Prof. Bhabagrahi Sahoo, IIT Kharagpur
  • Teaching Assistant in Engineering Drawing and Computer Graphics, (Under Graduate Course), Course Instructors: Prof. Bhabagrahi Sahoo, Prof. Manoj Kumar Tiwari
  • Teaching Assistant in NPTEL online certification course on Water Economic and Governance, Course Instructor: Prof. Manoj Kumar Tiwari
  • Teaching Assistant in NPTEL online certification course on Water Supply Engineering, Course Instructor: Prof. Manoj Kumar Tiwari



Under review

  1. Sahoo, D. P., Sahoo, B., Tiwari, M. K., Tarpanelli, A., Singh, K. A. (2023). Establishing Multi-mission Satellite-based Virtual Monitoring Stations at Ungauged Tropical River Sections for Daily Streamflow Estimation. Under Review on Journal of Hydrology




    1. Sahoo, D. P., Sahoo, B., Tiwari, M. K. (2022). MODIS-Landsat fusion-based single-band algorithms for TSS and turbidity estimation in an urban-waste-dominated river reach. Water Research, 224, 119082.
    2. Sahoo, D. P., Sahoo, B., Tiwari, M. K., Behera, G. K. (2022). Integrated remote sensing and machine learning tools for estimating ecological flow regimes in tropical river reaches. Journal of Environmental Management, 322, 116121.
    3. Dey, A., Sahoo, D. P., Kumar, R., Remesan, R. (2022). A multimodel ensemble machine learning approach for CMIP6 climate model projections in an Indian River basin. International Journal of Climatology,
    4. Panda, K. C., Singh, R. M., Thakural, L. N., Sahoo, D. P. (2022). Representative grid location-multivariate adaptive regression spline (RGL-MARS) algorithm for downscaling dry and wet season rainfall. Journal of Hydrology, 605, 127381.


  1. Sahoo, D. P., Sahoo, B., Tiwari, M. K. (2020). Copula-based probabilistic spectral algorithms for high-frequent streamflow estimation. Remote Sensing of Environment, 251(January), 112092.




    1. Sahoo, D. P., Ramakrishnan, R., Dey, A., Sahoo, B., Remesan, R. (2022) Assessment and ranking of CMIP6 GCMs based on observed statistics over the eastern Indian River basin, AGU Fall Meeting 2022, H51E-04 (Poster Presentation, Virtual Mode)
    2. Sahoo, D. P., Sahoo, B., Tiwari, M. K. (2022). Calibrating Variable parameter McCarthy-Muskingum streamflow routing model using satellite signals along a scantily gauged river section AGU Fall Meeting 2022, (Poster Presentation, Virtual Mode).


    1. Sahoo, D. P., Sahoo, B., and Tiwari, M.K. (2021) A Novel Remote Sensing-based Framework for Water Depth Estimation in a Narrow-width Brahmani River Reach, India, AGU Fall Meeting 2021 (Oral Presentation, Virtual Mode, New Orleans, USA)


    1. Sahoo, D. P., Sahoo, B., Tiwari, M.K. (2020) Performance evaluation of remote sensing- based high frequent streamflow estimation models at the Brahmani River basin outlet, American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2020 online, Dec. 1-17, 2020, Abstract #718474, Final Paper Number: H011-0003.
    2. Sahoo, B, Sahoo, D. P., Tiwari, M.K. (2020) A hydrodynamics and remote sensing-based framework for establishing virtual streamflow measurement stations in scantily-gauged river reaches, EGU General Assembly 2020, Vienna, Austria, EGU2020-18311, May 4-8, 2020. doi: 10.5194/egusphere-egu2020-18311.


  1. Sahoo, D. P., Sahoo, B., Tiwari, M.K. (2019) A Remote Sensing-based Technique for Real- time Discharge Estimation in Rivers, Two-day National Workshop on River-Reservoir Water Management and Modelling, August 21-22, 2019, Organized by IIT Kharagpur.
  2. Sahoo, D. P., Sahoo, B., Tiwari, M.K. (2019) Remote Sensing & Machine Learning Tool- based Ensemble Algorithm for High-frequent Discharge Estimation in Scantily Gauged Rivers, Infrastructure Development & Environmental Assessment, November 22-24, 2019, Bodhagaya

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