Matteo Verdone


Researcher associate

Via della Madonna Alta,126
Perugia , Italy – 06128


Matteo Verdone (m) was born in Fiesole (Florence), Italy, in 1993. He received his BcS degrees in Forestry and Environmental Sience in October 2018 and his M.S. degree in Science and Technology of Forestry Systems (Forestry Engineering curriculum) in October 2021 both from the University of Florence. From 2018 he has been collaborating in the management and scientific activities in the Re della Pietra experimental catchment (Tuscany, Italy) where he developed his bachelor’s degree thesis on “Set up for hydrometeorological monitoring in a small mountain catchment and first results analysis” (2018) and his M.S. degrees thesis on “Hydrological response of a small Apennine forested catchment, Tuscany” (2021).

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