Period: October 2020 – December 2022 (27 months)


Umbria Region intends to support applied research in strategic areas of competence, such as those closely related to the forecasting and monitoring of natural risks with greater attention to hydraulic and hydrogeological risks, pertaining to its Regional Functional Centre of Civil Protection.
Through its research activity, CNR IRPI develops and deepens topics of mutual interest, such as hydrological and hydraulic modelling applied also in real time and in probabilistic terms, the estimation of soil moisture conditions within catchment areas (which plays a fundamental role both in flood events and in the triggering of landslide phenomena), and their application in the Umbria territory.

The applied research activities to be developed by CNR IRPI will focus on four main aspects:
1) Flood forecasting for hydraulic risk mitigation
2) Landslides and hydrogeological risk
3) Climate change
4) Drought


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