OT4CLIMA: Innovative Earth Observation Technologies (OT) for the study of the climate change impacts on the environment

MIUR Contract No. ARS01_00405

Period: September 2018 – February 2021 (30 months)
Partners: The consortium includes several partners:

  • 14 National Research Council institutes (CNR)
  • Italian Space Agency (ASI)
  • National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV)
  • Italian Center of Aerospace Research (CIRA)
  • University of Basilicata
  • University of Trento
  • University of Calabria
  • e-Geos
  • IDS – Ingegneria Dei Sistemi SpA
  • CREATEC Scarl
  • SIIT SpA
  • Survey Lab

Description: The aim of OT4CLIMA is to develop advanced systems for the evaluation of climatic parameters. Through the integration of in-situ measured data and satellite platforms observations, the research develops an innovative methodology able to estimate the probable impacts that climate change will induce on the environment and on the territory. In particular, both medium-long term impacts and extreme events with rapid dynamics will be investigated, the analyzes will involve:

  • studies aimed to advanced sensors design and implementation that will be allocated on multi-platform OT systems
  • development of innovative analysis methodologies for the interpretation, integration and fusion of OT data.

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