SaTellite based Runoff and River Discharge Estimation

ESA Contract No.CCN1 to 4000126745/19/I-NB

Period: 2021 – 2022 (12 months)
Partners: The consortium is based on a close collaboration between 3 partners:

  • IRPI CNR: Istituto di Ricerca per la Protezione Idrogeologica (Prime contractor)
  • Institute of Geodesy at the University of Stuttgart (, GIS, Subcontractor)
  • Technical University of Denmark (, DTU, Subcontractor)

Description: This project is a proposal extension of the ESA STREAM (SaTellite based Runoff Evaluation And Mapping, Contract Number 4000126745/19/I-NB) project and it is addressed to investigate the possibility to improve river discharge estimates by merging STREAM approach with the one developed within the ESA RIDESAT (River flow monitoring and discharge estimation by integrating multiple SATellite data, Contract Number 4000125543/18/I-NB) project.
In particular the project will explore the feasibility to:

  • refine the satellite-based approaches developed into STREAM and RIDESAT projects. New modules and formulations will be added to the original approaches to include elements which allow to overcome the limitations highlighted within the two projects.
  • integrate the two approaches to enhance the river discharge estimation. For the specific case studies, a merging configuration will be selected to optimally integrate the river discharge estimates obtained by STREAM and RIDESAT. The impact of the integration will be established through the comparison with in situ observations and the evaluation of the river discharge accuracy.

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