Water resources and flood risk service

  • Analysis, control and processing of hydro-meteorological data, rating curves development and updating (2002-2015): the activities consist in the analysis, control and processing (e.g. possible gap filling) of the hydro-meteorological data acquired by the regional monitoring network, with particular regard to the data of temperature, rainfall depth and water levels. Moreover, the stage-discharge relationship (rating curve) is assessed for all gauged hydrometric stations of the regional network and regularly verified on the basis of new flow velocity measurements and river cross section surveys.
  • Flood hazard maps delineation for hydraulic risk assessment in the Tiber River basin (2002-2005): the flooding-prone areas have been delineated for many reaches in the secondary hydrographic network of the Tiber River. To this end, a procedure for flooding-prone area estimation even in ungauged river reaches was proposed. The approach is defined through three different levels of analysis: 1) data acquisition into a Geographic Information System (GIS) of the geomorphologic characteristics of the basin, the geometric properties of the river branches and the hydro-meteorological quantities; 2) hydrological analysis based on the application of a semi-distributed rainfall-runoff model aimed to estimate the design discharge hydrograph of the tributaries; 3) hydraulic analysis through the application of one/two dimensional modelling addressed to flooding area estimation.

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